Andrew "Dru" Phomtavong - General Sales Manager

Jason Wingerak - Sales Floor Manager

Andrew Pham - Product Advisor

Ervin Wolfe - Product Advisor

Janson Gunderson - Sales Floor Manager

Stacey Holt - Junior Sales Manager

Quint Xie - Product Advisor

Jayden Dore - Product Advisor

Tim Ramsdell - Pre-Owned Manager

Wade Melnychuk - Product Advisor

Hamilton Brown - Product Advisor

Billy Siu - Product Advisor

Paul Laxdal - Pre-Owned Manager

Ron Osiowy - Product Advisor

Brendan Healy - Product Advisor

Al-laine Fallaria - Product Advisor

Neil Kilarski - Finance Manager

Kien To - Finance Manager

Paul Kilarski - Finance Manager

Jessica Brown - Finance Manager

2021 Toyota Venza Walkaround with Janson Gunderson

2021 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Walkaround with Janson Gunderson

2021 Toyota C-HR Walkaround with Janson Gunderson

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Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ Update with Al-laine Fallaria

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Vehicle Protections: Wear Pass

Drive with peace of mind, without worrying about those little dings and dents that come with driving your vehicle. Protect your vehicle with Wear Pass.

Vehicle Protections: Ceramic Paint Protection

Vehicle Protections: Tire & Rim Protection

Vehicle Protections: Auto Guard

Vehicle Protections: Key & Remote Exchange

Vehicle Protections: Extra Care Protection

Vehicle Protections: Interior & Paint Protection

Vehicle Protections: Undercoat Protection

Vehicle Protections: Rust Protection