Our Toyota Tech Expert Al-laine Fallaria walks you through how to setup Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in your new Toyota vehicle.  Watch the videos below or continue reading on.

How to setup Apple CarPlay?

Today we're going to talk about Apple CarPlay. What is Apple CarPlay?

This technology allows you to use some of your apps from your iPhone to your vehicle safely.  Without  further ado, let me show you how to connect your phone to your brand new vehicle. All you need to have is your iPhone with the latest update and your iPhone charger or cable.


Step one: Start your vehicle.

Step two: Locate your USB port that can transfer data to your vehicle.

In some vehicles, there are multiple USB ports that can be located inside your vehicle. Make sure you look for the data transferring logo to properly connect your iPhone to your vehicle.

Step three: Plug in your cable to the USB port, then to your phone

Fun fact: USB means Universal Serial Bus. It was invented back in 1996.
Step four: Tap always enable on your vehicle screen.
Step five: tap allow on your phone to transfer your contacts and information to the vehicle.
And step six: Enjoy!

How to setup Android Auto?

To all the Android users out there, we haven't forgotten about you. I'm here to assist you to connect your phone to your new vehicle.
First make sure that your phone is up to date. Install the Android Auto app from Google Play,
then open the app, agree on the terms and follow the steps on the screen so you can give your

Android Auto permission to access your phone features and apps.

All set? Now, let's get ready to pair.
Make sure that the car is parked and the parking brake is activated. On your screen, go to setup, projection settings and enable Android auto. Plug your phone in the data USB Port and the Android auto icon will pop out in your main screen.
Now, you can freely use your Android auto with your vehicle. If enabled, you can also say, "Hey Google" or hold the talk button to access the distraction free driving experience.

For more information or assistance in setting up your phone with your vehicle, give us a call at 306-569-8777 or come see us in person at 655 Broad Street.