Express Maintenance Service Plus

Taylor Toyota is proud to announce that we were the first Toyota Dealer in Saskatchewan that was Certified, offering Express Maintenance Service Plus.

Your time is important

Every minute in your busy day counts. That's why we are offering you our new Express Maintenance Service Plus. This means, in most instances, we will perform your Toyota's regularly-scheduled maintenance, and more, in just one hour or less.

How? Simple. We use 2 technicians that work as a team, to expertly service your Toyota - which gets you on your way in no time at all.

Prompt service.
Quality service.

Technicians servicing your vehicle will be Toyota trained technicians - Toyota experts who service Toyotas and nothing else.

We also use specifically designed tools, equipment and procedures to ensure your vehicle is serviced to Toyota's exacting standards.

The service we provide you will be based on your Toyota's maintenance schedule according to the Toyota Maintenance Menu - from an Oil and Filter Service to the comprehensive Maintenance Service. Of course, we will use only Toyota Genuine Parts, to maintain the integrity of your vehicle.

Most Maintenance can be completed within just one hour, including services such as:

  • Oil & Filter Service
  • Maintenance Service
  • Tire Rotation or Seasonal Tire Change (if pre-mounted)
  • Battery Service & Replacement
  • Coolant Replacement
  • Brake Service
  • Front Brake Pad Replacement
    and more

As part of our Express Service, we offer our Oil & Filter Service with a multi-point inspection from just: $45.95 plus tax (TGMO 5W20/5W30 Engine Oil only. Waste disposal fees, environmental levies
and/or handling charges may apply) including:

  • Toyota Genuine Motor Oil and Filter
  • Lubricate locks, latches and hinges
  • Remove and inspect air filter element
  • Check coolant, brake and washer fluid levels
  • Confirm lights, horn and wipers function properly
  • Check tires, and adjust pressure as required

One quick call, that's all

Talk about convenience. Simply call us to arrange an appointment that suits your schedule. When booking your Express Service Plus appointment, we will confirm that all necessary service can be completed in an hour or less.

So request an appointment today - and we'll have you in and out in no time.