Protect Your Toyota

Vehicle Protections: Wear Pass

Drive with peace of mind, without worrying about those little dings and dents that come with driving your vehicle. Protect your vehicle with Wear Pass.

Vehicle Protections: Ceramic Paint Protection

It's no secret that the weather in Canada creates the perfect storm when it comes to dulling your paint's finish. With our Ceramic Paint Protection, you can ensure your vehicle is ready for anything that comes its way.

Vehicle Protections: Auto Guard

Don't sweat the small stuff! With our Auto Guard Protection, we'll take care of all the little things for you.

Vehicle Protections: Key & Remote Exchange

Have you ever worried about losing your key and what the cost to replace it is? With our Key & Remote Exchange, you won't have to!

Vehicle Protections: ECP

Did you know that with the purchase of any new or used vehicle you can get additional coverage with our Extra Care Protection? Well, now you do! With our ECP, you can worry less about things that could happen to your vehicle, and focus more on driving.

Vehicle Protections: Rust Protection

Ah rust. If left unchecked, rust can effect how your vehicle looks, runs and maybe even shorten its lifespan. With our rust protection package, you can stop worrying and focus on enjoying your vehicle.

Vehicle Protections: Undercoat Protection

If there's one thing we know about Canadian roads, its that they're anything but kind to vehicles, especially the undercarriage. Don't let your vehicle fight this battle alone.

Vehicle Protections: Interior & Paint Protection

Ever spilled your coffee or a kids snack takes a turn for the worst? What about the sun slowly dulling the paint on your new car? With our Interior & Paint Protection package, you can keep your vehicle looking as new as the day you got it.

Vehicle Protections: Tire & Rim Protection

Worried about road hazards and what they do to your tires? Well with our Tire & rim Protection you won't have to!

Vehicle Protections: 3M

Looking for a paint protection that has more durability? Well our 3M Protection has you covered!

Gap Protection

What happens if your vehicle is ruled a total loss? Will your insurance company provide a payout covering the balance owing? With our Gap Protection, you can breathe easy!

Life & Disability Insurance

Most Canadians live paycheck to paycheck nowadays. If you were unable to work due to an illness or injury could you carry that financial burden? Our Life & Disability Insurance is here to help!

Time of Sale Extended Protection

Are you worried about unexpected breakdowns or costly repairs? Our Time of Sale Extended Protection is here to guard you against those unplanned expenses.