2019 Prius Prime

Going Green Is Paying Off

Effective May 1st, 2019 the Canadian Government is now granting rebate programs to electric and hybrid plug in vehicles. When you purchase a Prius Prime you will be rebated up to $2500!  There is no better time than now to reduce your carbon footprint.

Plug Into the Future

With the power to run in either EV or hybrid driving mode, the 2019 Prius Prime lets you travel farther and longer than ever before. Its sculpted design, aerodynamic shape, and lightweight materials, combined with its proven hybrid technology, all work harmoniously to enhance performance while maximizing – and redefining efficiency. With a full tank and a full electric charge, Prime delivers a class-leading total combined driving range of 1,035 km.1 Best of all, you can choose to plug it in, gas it up, or both. Easy to charge and exhilarating to drive, the Prius Prime continues our quest to reach more efficient mobility, without compromise.


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We give you the tools you need to achieve your full potential by designing our vehicles with purpose. To be as dynamic as the life you’ve always envisioned yourself living.
And we don’t stop at meticulously designed, quality vehicles. We’re pioneering alternative fuels, improving human movement, and creating meaningful community partnerships, like the one we have with our Olympic and Paralympic athletes. These initiatives demonstrate our determination to give everyone the ability to move freely through a world with constantly evolving mobility challenges, enriching that world in the process.

Alone, just a car. Together, so much more.



The Prius Prime perfectly balances what you need and what you want in one stylish package. Inside and out, Prime has been purposefully designed with an uncompromising approach to give you the most out of every drive. The modern, spacious interior is crafted with premium materials and thoughtful touches that offer you a whole new level of comfort to enjoy. With available intuitive technology like 11.6” Touch Panel Display, Head-Up Display, Intelligent Clearance Sonar, and Intelligent Parking Assist, the Prius Prime conveniently simplifies everyday life and makes the most of your drive.


Plug the supplied charging cable into any home outlet to recharge the 8.8 kWh battery pack. The Prius Prime has one of the shortest charge time in its class – 5 hours and 30 minutes2 to charge fully using a standard household outlet and less than half that time3 using a 240 V outlet.



Prime also offers two other driving modes so that the driver stays in control: EV Auto Mode and HV Mode. EV Auto Mode intelligently selects between EV and hybrid driving based on demand and driving conditions to optimize your efficiency. HV Mode efficiently combines the gas engine and electrical power from the HV battery to drive Prime.


Charge scheduling gives you the option to charge during off-peak hours to help reduce electricity costs and support efficient grid usage in your community. Simply program your preferred charge start or departure time so Prime can be topped off and ready to roll when you are.


Prius Prime features a Toyota–first dual motor generator drive system that gives the Prime a fun acceleration feel. The Prime is also able to drive at full highway speeds on the electric motor alone.4 To help you see your fuel efficiency in action, the system’s output and regeneration status are clearly displayed in real-time on the MID.

We Are At Your Service

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